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Photorealistic Digital Humans that don't break the bank

Hunting down realistic 3D models on the internet can be a pain

Have you ever been in a situation where you desperately look for 3D models online but only end up with samples that either look bad or cost a fortune?

You’re not alone! Many artists, software developers, and managers struggle with the same thing. 3D models are sought after by industries such as Game Development, E-commerce, VFX, and R&D, each with specific needs.

And all of them ask the same question – How do you find photorealistic 3D models that cater for those needs and don’t break the bank?

We got you covered!

With over 20,000 scans under our belt, an in house full body scanning rig and a team of experienced artists, 
we can deliver what you need as we do for our clients.

Our expert team will take care of everything from legal agreements (because custom licensing can save you up to 90%), to international casting (to find the perfect models for your project), and post-production (so that you get ready-to-use 3D models).
Only pay for what you need

Licensing comprises between 50% and 90% of the price for 3D human scans. And paying for a license you don’t need is plain silly. We can save you this money by crafting a license specifically for you.

Custom licensing enables you to get the 3D scans you need without spending your money on legal agreements that don’t necessarily work for you.

Same High-quality 3D Human no matter the license
*Custom licenses are always available on request
Save money for your future projects

The price of our services depends heavily on the license you choose for your 3D models. This means that by crafting a legal agreement tailored to your need, we can help you cut your budget in half.

The reason we can offer the same quality at a better price is because we can create a custom license for you and thus save you between 50% and 90% total.

Don’t overspend on things you’ll never use.

Putting 3D Scanning and Models To Work

Over the past 10 years we’ve delivered thousands of top-notch 3D models for various industries. Learn more about the businesess that rely heavily on 3D models to liven up their products.


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Stories for the history books
To prove you that we're not just hyping you, go schedule a Free Virtual Scanning Session with us.

We’d love to show you how we work, and what are the processes behind the 3D scanning and at the end, we’ll even send you the 3D sample from our virtual scanning session.

Did we mention that we offer an International casting service?
End to End Professional International Casting Services for scanning

Save time working with a partner that can handle the casting service for you rather than with different agencies and studios.

We know that every project requires specific actors. We also know that finding and scanning them can be a pain. That’s why we integrated the flexible casting service in our work. This way you can stay focused and save time, money, and energy.

Still not convinced?

Check out our FREE 3D SAMPLES to get an idea how we do what we do.

Pro tip: you can use them for commercial use. You’ll thank us later 🙂