3D Scanning Services
High Detailed 3D Human & 3D Apparel Solutions

3D Scanning Services

We provide a full range of 3D Scanning Services for VFX, Games, E-Commerce and AI. Our company covers every need related to 3D Humans, from 3D Human Scanning to Rigging, 3D Animation and more.

3D Scanning

Full Body Scanning
Facial Scanning
Facial Expressions
Apparel Scanning

3D Scan Procesisng

Surface & Texture Cleanup
Geometry Optimization
Surface Detailing

Digital Doubles

Photoreal Digital Characters
Lifelike Expressions
Rigging & Animation
Identity protection

Legal & Casting

International Casting service
Legal Management
Project management at scale

Our 3D Products

With more than 20,000 3D human & Apparel scans, our database is perfect for any AI, ML, E-Commerce, Game or VFX Production. The database consists of datasets with thousands of models with broad diversity in Ethnicity, Age, Gender, Height, Weight and more. For more information, click on the link below.

Human Scan Repository

3D Human Database
Build for Creators

High quality human scans for Video Games, VFX, Computer Vision, E-Commerce, Archviz, and more

Use Cases

We help businesses that want to add realism to their virtual products. We believe that the best way to do that is to show you real-life examples of where our products have been used and in what way. So follow the links below to read more about our use cases.


Computer Vision
Machine Learning


Apparel & Accessories
Product Digitalization
Coming Soon

Video Games

First Person Characters
VR , AR and XR games
Coming Soon

Arch Viz

Project presentation
Coming Soon


3D Animation
Virtual Spokeperson
Coming Soon


We are grateful to the clients that trust us to bring Digital Humans to their productions.

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3D Scanning Technology

Built with high-end hardware like Nikon, ESPER, and HP, our 3D scanning system works quickly and consistently, resulting in High-End 3D Scanning made in seconds.


About us

We are passionate about Digital Humans and we are dedicated to helping our clients bring them to their projects.

Wheather its a character for a cgame, movie or a dataset for AI Development, we love bringing the reality into the Digital World.

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