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Amplify you research by getting access to our extensive library of scanned humans.
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Your Search for High-Quality and Diverse 3D Human Scans Ends Here

Over the years we’ve seen some great research ideas getting stuck.

In most cases it’s because researchers struggle to find high-quality 3D human scan datasets.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

3D human models for academic research

Over 25 000 scans at your disposal

We can provide you with the exact 3D human scans you need.

With over 25 000 ready-to-use models in our database you can revamp
your projects in a matter of hours.

Even more, we can produce the exact models you need. Just tell us what your research requires and we’ll take care of everything from finding the actors, to scanning them and everything post-production.

Four Reasons Why You’re Stuck
And our solutions for you
You’ve built your own scanning rig but you fail using it at scale.
Processing raw data can be a pain. So is cleanup, retopology and decimation.
You have a hard time finding diverse in age, gender and ethnicity models.​
The 3D human scans you find are commercially licensed, which means you’re paying for something you don’t need.​
At our studio we can scan hundreds of different people in a matter of days.

We have a team of professionals that specialize in transforming raw scans into photorealistic 3D models.

We provide a full-scale international casting service reaching a wide range of diverse actors.

Optimize your budget by getting a license specifically tailored to your needs.

Here Is a Method That’s Helping Academics Like You Skyrocket Their Research

At Digital Reality Lab we’ve worked with universities around the globe,
helping them with their studies.

We did that by:

  • hiring real actors for every scanning session
  • using our cutting edge scanning rig to create photo-realistic 3D models of every actor
  • processing the raw images cleaning up noises and imperfections
  • crafting a custom license for each and every one of them
3D head model scans
If you want to be as successful as the other universities we’ve already helped, we encourage you to book a free call with us. There we can cover all topics you work on and all challenges you face.
Waste no more time and finally get your projects done.
Frequently Asked Questions

We offer over 25,000 high-quality, photorealistic 3D scans of humans of various ages, genders, and ethnicities to support diverse research needs.

You can access our models by contacting us through our website to discuss your project needs and the appropriate licensing arrangement.

We offer flexible licensing solutions tailored to fit the budget and scope of academic projects, ensuring cost-effective access to our resources.

We provide customized 3D modelling services tailored to your academic requirements, from model sourcing to post-production.

Our models are crafted to ensure high fidelity and photorealism, making them ideal for various academic applications that require detailed and accurate human representations.

Our models are available in multiple formats, including OBJ, FBX, and STL to ensure compatibility with various research tools and software applications.

While we are currently developing a high-speed volumetric capture rig expected to be operational by Q3 of 2024, we are not yet equipped to offer volumetric capture support. However, we are accepting requests for future captures now to plan and prioritize upcoming projects.

Absolutely! Our models are optimized for VR and AR environments, providing immersive and interactive experiences for educational and research purposes.

We offer post-production services to modify existing models according to your specific research needs, including alterations in texture, scale, and anatomical details.

Our team provides guidance on integrating 3D human models into academic curriculums, including workshops and tutorials on practical usage in educational settings.