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3D Scan Processing

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Professional 3D Scan Cleanup, Retopology, Rigging and more...

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Surface & Texture Cleanup for production

Often 3D scans come with imperfections and noise on the surface that is not production ready. However, the original scan has excellent accuracy in shapes and textures; that’s why it is the most preferred way to create humans and Apparel in the industry. Luckily some imperfections and a little bit of noise can be easily removed so that you can extract a photoreal, accurate, real-life 3D model from it. We have processed thousands of 3D scans of humans, animals, clothing, shoes, jewelry, and more, from which we developed a streamlined 3D Scan Processing for cleanup that preserves the maximum surface and texture quality. This stage allows any customization and shape modifications as well.

Transfrom to Real-time!

Retopology and Decimation for Real-time performance.

4 mil Polygons      vs      75 k polygons


3D scans usually come as a very high polycount, usually in tens and hundreds of millions, which can be hard to use in most mediums. However, we can perform a geometry optimization (Decimation) to remove unnecessary polygons while preserving the surface and texture details. Geometry optimization (Decimation) is a fast and reliable method when you need the 3D model to be able to import to other applications.

6.5 mil Polygons      vs      50 k polygons


When it comes to Animation and moving parts of objects, like humans, we offer a retopology that will place all of the polygons in the right way so that it will be easy for any artist to animate and move. This process can vary from semi-automatic to fully manual, depending on the level of control needed for Animation. Whether your scans need geometry optimization or full-on retopology depends on the model’s intended use. We can consult and give you the best solution that will work for your need, ensuring minimizing cost and time for your project.

Bring your model to life!

Photorelistic Texturing for Physical Based Rendering (PBR)

Photorealistic 3D Scanning usually happens using professional digital cameras like Nikon, which generates 3D Scans with high-resolution textures. While most cameras capture BaseColor, we can generate full PBR(Physically Based Rendering) texture maps in 16k+ resolution. The physically based materials make all models look realistic and accurate in any virtual environment. We pay special attention to the fine details, the correct roughness, and normal maps so that the models look as natural as possible. In this process, we can create color changes, logo removal or addition, and any texture customization.

Make it yours!

Edit, customize and personalize 3D scans.

3D Scans can be a great start for any creative artistic work. Capturing realistic objects and allowing the imagination to modify them and create something great is an unmatched tool in any artist’s arsenal. As an artist does this 3D Customization process, we can take your vision and create a full range of customizations for you. So let us know what is on your mind, and we will help you make it in 3D.

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