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High Detailed 3D Human & 3D Apparel Solutions

Bringing the Reality into the Digital World

High Resolution 3D Scanning of Actors.

Full Body 3D Scanning

We specialize in high-resolution Full Body 3D Scanning of actors into Digital Doubles for Feature Films, Television, Games and VR/AR. In addition, we offer 360 degrees of Head and Full Body 3D Scanning capture for Games, VR Studios and AR Companies. Also, we provide high-end 3d scanning services for Apparel and E-Commerce. Whether we are 3d Scanning an actor for a Feature Film, a large set of humans for Computer Vision research or Apparel for a famous E-Commerce brand, we always create a tailored approach for each client. We understand that every problem the client tries to solve has a unique resolution and apply that to our planning and solutions. Contact us and start your 3d scanning today.

Capturing Emotion!

High Resolution 3D Scanning of Actors.

3D Head Scanning

The human face is constantly moving and can express many emotions. Capturing all that into 3D has always been challenging, requiring countless hours of high-skilled artists. However, we have a perfect solution for this process that brings realism, accuracy and speed. Our 3D scanning photogrammetry system can capture 3D facial expressions in seconds, which can be used to deform a 3D scanned neutral face. This proves to be a very reliable and fast method for creating realistic animations of humans. Furthermore, this method can be paired with Facial motion capture for easy 3D Animation.

Digitazing E-Commerce

High Resolution 3D Scanning of Actors.

Apparel 3D Scanning

Retail and E-commerce have always been the leading industries in the world. Thanks to the development of recent technologies, we see a shift towards a better customer experience with AR and VR shops, where you can see and virtually test any apparel you want to buy. To help with the growing demand for 3D Scanned Apparel, we have designed a 3d scanning system that can capture any clothing — from shoes, jeans and jackets to jewellery and other accessories; we can scan all of it!

Our 3D Scanning System

High-resolution, Fast and Reliable. Everything you deserve!

Our 3d scanning system comprises 112 high-end Nikon cameras with a whopping 2.7 Giga Pixels of capture resolution. Thanks to the unique and optimized positioning of the cameras, our 3d scanning system creates 3d scans with exceptionally high surface detail and 16k+ texture resolution. In addition, calibrated lights and cameras allow us to generate 3D scans straight after the 3d Scanning session without additional image editing.


Built with high-end hardware like Nikon, Espr and HP, our 3d scanning system works quickly and consistently, resulting in High-End 3D Scanning made in seconds.

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High Quality Human Scans of full-body, head, hand and apparel.

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