Who are we

We are a team of artists dedicated to perfecting the creation of photorealistic 3D models. Our journey in the last ten years has led us to create our photogrammetry rig for scanning people. Our mission is to create 3D human avatars that are indistinguishable from reality. In essence, we want to bring reality to the digital world. 

full body scanning rig photogrammetry 3d scan

Innovation  and  Production

Innovation Company

Digital Human Scanning

Production Company

Professional 3D Asset Ourcourcing

We have created a productive and fruitful partnership between two distinct businesses. Digital Reality Lab is an innovative company that invests in research and development of new techniques and technologies that aid in creating photorealistic 3D models. This R&D has led us to the creation of the photogrammetry rig for scanning people. On the other hand, Tornado Studios is a production company with more than ten years of experience in creating 3D assets. We have more than 10 000 products made over the years. Tornado brings the skills and the seasoned team of 3D artists that produce astonishing photorealistic assets. Together we specialize in creating high-end people scans and offer our clients – RAW scans, Cleaned ( Retopologized ) scans, HD scans, Animation-ready PBR models, and Realtime AAA game models.


Personalized Solutions

Whether you are looking for custom-tailored scans from our collection or looking

to book personalized scanning sessions don’t hesitate to contact us.