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Photoreal Digital Doubles

Full Character Creation Services for your Digital Double

We bring the Realism to Digital Humans

Digital 3D Characters

Digital Humans are our virtual representation in the digital world and are most famous for being used in VFX and Games. However, with the recent Metaverse shift, they can be used as Virtual spokespersons, Digital Avatars or an E-Commerce apparel representation. Creating a Photorealistic Digital Human can be challenging, so we developed a High-end scanning rig that can capture pore-level detail and deliver top-level 3D scans. Furthermore, our highly skilled team of modelling, texture, sculpting, hair and look dev artists refine the 3d Scans into Lifelike Digital Humans. We pay special attention to skin, eyes, hair and mouth, which gives that final touch of realism. Our Digital Humans a compatible with any real-time and DCC medium.

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Lifelike Expressions

Human Emotions are the core of Lifelike Digital Humans, and we capture 50+ individual facial expressions to achieve a Lifelike facial movement. In addition, we capture the subtle eye and mouth movement, allowing completely Photorealistic Digital Human movements.

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Rigging & Animation

With years of R&D, we have developed an advanced facial and body rig that allows a realistic movement range paired with motion capture for even more realistic moments. We use FACS based facial rig that incorporates every single facial expression possible and is transferable into real-time engines like Unreal Engine. Our advanced facial and body rigging solutions allow you to create realistic motion and emotions in 3D Animation.

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Digital Identity

With Digital Doubles, your Digital identity can be whatever you want. We can transform anything about your Digital Identity to match your desired look. This is a great way to protect your real identity, from hair style to eye colour and facial structure. 

We specialize in working with celebrities by protecting their privacy and identities while guaranteeing anonymity in their Digital Doubles if required. 

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