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Pricing and Licenses

Scanning Services and 3D Models

Scans Types

ArchViz Poses
ArchViz A-Pose
Body A-Pose

We offer a wide range of scans of humans and apparel. Each scan is captured in our cutting-edge scanning rig using high-resolution cameras.

License Types

Each scan can be paired with a license based on your usage and needs. Please let us know fi you don’t see a license that matches your requirement.

Post Processing

Besides the RAW scans of the models, we provide a range of post-processing services that can prepare the model in the best way for you.

This ranges from cleaning up the model to creating a perfect topology that can support anatomically correct joint animations.

*This pricing is an estimate for a human head 3d model. Please provide us with full specifications for an accurate quote.

Upon request we offer Rigging, Animation and Grooming. If you are interested in any of those, please let us know.


We have a dedicated casting team with high diversity in Ethnicity, Age and Gender. We can cast models based on your specification.

The general casting price is 250$ per model. This price depends on the casting criteria. Please provide a brief with the required model details for a detailed casting estimate.

The price includes the casting process and the transfer of the legal rights from the model to you.


We offer discounts based on order size. Please let us know how many models you need.