Re-inventing Customer Experience through 3D Product Digitalization
3D Product Digitalization provides a more immersive and realistic shopping experience for online customers. It allows customers to better understand the product’s features and benefits, leading to increased confidence and satisfaction in their purchase decisions.


Discover the power of our scanning solutions, designed to effortlessly generate marketing-ready 3D models at a rapid pace. With our advanced technology, the majority of these models are free from the need for extensive post-processing. Whether you’re looking to seamlessly integrate a model into a game engine such as Unreal Engine, Unity, or CRYENGINE, for immersive experiences in virtual showrooms or video games, our precise and comprehensive 3D scans serve as the ideal foundation for creating VR-ready models. By leveraging our solutions, the time and effort required from 3D artists for post-processing are significantly minimized.

66% more User Engagement

with 3D Products compared to traditional 2D Images

Beautiful presentations

Creating product imagery with 3D models offers immense ease and flexibility. It empowers businesses to iterate rapidly, maintain consistency, reduce costs, and produce stunning visuals that effectively showcase their products. By leveraging the power of 3D modelling, companies can enhance their marketing efforts, engage customers, and create a compelling brand experience.


Combine the power of 3D human models and 3D Digital Products to unlock the true potential of your marketing and product presentations. Elevate your customer engagement by immersing them in unique and personalized experiences that leave a lasting impact. With on-demand production and inventory-less strategies, effortlessly connect point-of-sales to manufacturing, ensuring your products are always available when and where needed. Populate digital worlds, such as social media platforms, video games, and virtual shows, with our streamlined and visually stunning 3D offerings. Empower your customers to co-create their customized products, fostering unwavering loyalty and deepening their connection with your brand. Embrace the synergy of 3D human models and 3D Digital Products, and witness the transformation of your marketing strategy like never before.


Substantially reduce time-to-market by leveraging the speed and efficiency of 3D models. Say goodbye to lengthy traditional sampling processes and embrace a streamlined approach that accelerates your product development cycle.
Save costs and eliminate inefficiencies associated with physical sampling. With 3D models, you can significantly reduce the need for costly prototypes and sampling iterations, optimizing your budget and resources.
Gain increased control and consistency over styling and fit. With precise 3D models, you can visualize and fine-tune every detail of your product, ensuring a flawless design and perfect fit for your customers.


The utilization of digital try-on technologies offers a significant enhancement to the overall customer experience by providing a seamless and convenient platform for virtual product trials, empowering customers to make more informed and confident purchasing decisions, ultimately resulting in a reduction in return rates and an increase in customer satisfaction. We work with leading digital try-on companies to deliver the best integration for your service.

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