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In this section, you will find answers to the questions we often get; however, if there is anything you do not find the answer, please contact us.
Photogrammetry is a process in which a series of photograph images are turned into a 3D object using specialized software. The photos have to be of the same object and taken at specific angles which are then used together. Depending on the photos’ quality and several other factors, the result is a highly detailed 3D model.

We are located in Ruse, Bulgaria. We are situated between 3 major airports Bucharest, Sofia and Varna. When you come for a scanning session, we will help you with your trip to be smooth and easy.

We can offer custom scanning services with our mobile rig under some particular circumstances. Please contact us personally to get more details.
We are charging by the hour and depending on the type of session and other details. Please contact us so that we can discuss pricing in more detail.

The usuall time is 24-48h for delivery. If there is any post-processing (cleanup or  retopology) it depends on the number of poses and the type of products needed. Contact us to discuss your case specifically.

We can also scan many different objects that fit our photogrammetry rig’s size and scope.
Yes, we do only in the presence of a parent or a legal guardian and with all proper documentation signed off.
As the name suggests, HD Scans have a very high level of detail. They are also PBR models prepared uniquely so that they are compatible with many software. HD Scans are also capturing the actor naked or with underwear, providing anatomical reference and skin detail all over the body.
Yes, we do. Check out our rigged stock models. Also, contact us for more information regarding custom orders.
Once the photography session is complete, all the images are computed, and the result is RAW scan asset. That is the first 3D model that is created from the calculation of all photos. This RAW scan usually runs into the tens of millions of polygons and could have some problems, especially around areas with hair. However, when we present our RAW scans here, they have gone through some basic optimization and fix geometry. Usually, they are exported at 2 million polygons each. The Cleaned scan ( or retopologized ) as we call it has a different geometry in quads that is now in the thousands of polygons, not millions. It is also gone through a cleanup of all problem areas. This makes this product a lot easier to use and better to look.
The animation-ready asset has a rig in place. The topology is created so that there are no stretchings or geometry issues when moving the elements of the model around during animation.