In this section, you will find answers to the questions we often get; however, if there is anything you do not find the answer, please contact us.

What is photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry is a process in which a series of photograph images are turned into a 3D object using specialized software. The photos have to be of the same object and taken at specific angles which are then used together. Depending on the photos’ quality and several other factors, the result is a highly detailed 3D model.

Where are you located?

We are located in Bulgaria.

Is your scanning rig mobile?

We can offer custom scanning services with our mobile rig under some particular circumstances. Please contact us personally to get more details.

What is the rate for renting the photogrammetry rig?

We are charging by the hour and depending on the type of session and other details. Please contact us so that we can discuss pricing in more detail.

Can we order only the photographs from the session?

Yes, you can.

What is the price difference between RAW scan and Cleaned scan data?

If you are purchasing from our 3D stock collection, the RAW scan pricing is between $9 and $29. While for a cleaned scan between $39 and $79. If you are looking for exclusive rights to a RAW or cleaned scan or are interested in booking a custom session with us, please use the contact form to receive a personalized offer.

How long is the production time after the scanning session?

It depends on the number of poses and the type of products needed. Contact us so that we can discuss the details.

Do you only scan people?

We can also scan many different objects that fit our photogrammetry rig’s size and scope.

Do you scan children?

Yes, we do only in the presence of a parent or a legal guardian and with all proper documentation signed off.

What is the difference between Arch Viz and HD Scan products?

As the name suggests, HD Scans have a very high level of detail. They are also PBR models prepared uniquely so that they are compatible with many software. HD Scans are also capturing the actor naked or with underwear, providing anatomical reference and skin detail all over the body.

Do you provide rigging and animation services?

Yes, we do. Check out our rigged stock models. Also, contact us for more information regarding custom orders.

Do you offer discounts for bundles of products?

Yes, we do. We offer collections and bundles of expressions and RAW scans, Cleaned scans and packs of different actors together. Contact us for more information.

What is the difference between a RAW scan and a Cleaned scan?

Once the photography session is complete, all the images are computed, and the result is RAW scan asset. That is the first 3D model that is created from the calculation of all photos. This RAW scan usually runs into the tens of millions of polygons and could have some problems, especially around areas with hair. However, when we present our RAW scans here, they have gone through some basic optimization and fix geometry. Usually, they are exported at 2 million polygons each.

The Cleaned scan ( or retopologized ) as we call it has a different geometry in quads that is now in the thousands of polygons, not millions. It is also gone through a cleanup of all problem areas. This makes this product a lot easier to use and better to look.

What is the difference between a cleaned scan and a PBR model?

The PBR stands for physically based rendering. The textures and materials are prepared so that the model is compatible with a wide range of different 3D software and engines with no difference in the way the product looks. Also, the PBR model’s geometry is created so that the asset is suitable for rigging and animation. Further, the PBR 3D model is still carefully cleaned and from the problem scan data around the hair and the cap that the actors are photographed in. The detail on the head is then recreated in those areas. Additional maps like glossiness, specular, normal and displace are created, and a unique SSS material is applied to the asset. All of that results in a very high-end product that you can instantly use.

What is the difference between a cleaned scan and an animation-ready scan? 

The animation-ready asset has a rig in place. The topology is created so that there are no stretchings or geometry issues when moving the elements of the model around during animation.