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Legal & Casting

Full Character Creation Services for your Digital Double

International Casting

End to End Professional International Casting Services for scan

international casting models

At Digital Reality Lab, we have an international casting service from start to finish. We can cast the right actors for your digital production and produce a phenomenal 3D scan. All of this is combined into one seamless service. Our team have extensive experience casting large-scale productions with full diversity in age, race, weight, height and gender. Also, our International Casting can help you find the right actor with specific looks that matches your production.

Legal Handeling

Legal management and law compliance

While casting is only part of the process, having the proper legal paperwork is key to every production. With our legal team on staff, we can take care of any legal needs surrounding any actors.

Project Management

Deadline oriented project plannig, tracking and delivery

Working at scale is challenging as it requires a lot of planning and project management, and our team have been doing this for years. We have incorporated a visual project management system that tracks, updates and notifies you of any change along the process, allowing you to have a constant update on the process. Combined with planning and deadline tracking, we can deliver large-scale products quickly and systematically while preserving the highest quality of 3D Scans.

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