Digital Human 3D Model

Project “Rhea”

Rhea was the first female model that we had the pleasure to scan. The photoshoot was a test to our rig for humans with long hair, and we successfully learned how to manage it and still get a great result from all of our cameras.

 For the last year, we have been developing a high-quality facial scanning rig, that is fast, reliable and automated. With “Rhea” the goal was to capture multiple facial expressions, process them and create a realistic PBR Digital Human 3D model.

The result is a real-time realistic 3d model that can be rendered in any software with astonishing realisum.


Internal Production


Stock 3D Model


02 January 2021


We started by capturing thousands of images of the face, which resulted into gigabytes of data with every facial pose we captured. The automated process of data transfer allowed us to capture pose after pose without a break. In less than an hour we captured 50+ facial expressions which allowed us to gather every possible pose of Rhea. 

Cleanup and Retopology

Next we focused on cleaning up the models and creating a new topology that is easy to edit.  

Realistic PBR Model

For the realistic result we knew it was a tall order so we put a lot of effort creating all facial elements separately. We created facial hairs, eyes, inner mouth with teeth and tongue. And lastly we focused on the skin for a realistic finish of the composition. 

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available 3d Stock model

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All poses of Marcus ara available for purcahse in Raw, Clean and PBR formats