Virtual Scanning
High-End Photogrammetry scannning from your office!

What is the Virtual Scanning?

Virtual Scanning is a cutting-edge service designed to showcase the intricacies of our 3D scanning process from anywhere around the world. Using advanced photogrammetry techniques, we create accurate and detailed 3D models of humans and apparel. With the virtual demo session, we aim to bridge the physical distance and allow you to be an active participant in the scanning process.


Step 01 - Booking

Your first step starts with booking your free virtual scanning session. Choose from the available slots on our calendar.

Step 02 - Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation email with a meeting link and all the necessary information for the video meeting. If you have any questions, you can let us know in the meantime.

Step 03
Virtual Scanning Session

We are Live! During the virtual session, you will witness our skilled technicians using state-of-the-art scanning equipment to capture detailed 3D representations of humans or apparel. You will be able to observe and direct the process in real-time.

Step 04 - Post-Session Discussion

Once the scanning process is complete, we will conclude the virtual session with a discussion about the captured data and any additional services you may require. Our team will guide you through the next steps, including options for post-processing, customization, or further collaboration.

Step 05 - Free 3D Scanned Model

Oh, did you think this was the end? Not with us! We will send you a free 3D model from the scanning session that you can use as a sample and use in your productions free of charge.

Full Body Scans

Apprael Scans

Head Scans

Facial Expressions

Check you our free sample models that you can get from any of the scanning sessions above.

Free Consultation!

Not sure if virtual scanning session if the right thing for your business? Discover your ideal service with our complimentary consultation, dedicated to helping you find the perfect solution tailored to your needs, without any cost.